SSD File Space

In the old days drive space was very expensive.  Having 1GB was unheard of; with BBS, FTP, iRC, Newsgroups for me it was easy to fill up with stuff.  I became very good at maximizing space, minimizing software bloatware, and burned lots of archive CD’s.  Now with TB drives not costing much, space is a cheaper commodity and I haven’t burned an archive CD in years, I didn’t have to worry for quite some time.

However for performance SSD drives are king at the price of disk space.  Hmm a Porsche or a mini-van?  What to do?  My first purchase was 40GB Intel X25 SSD, and I was hooked.  I got a great deal on it, and performance was off the charts.  The OS had to be on SSD, I kept an old WD Raptor 36 GB as a swap/temp/cache drive.  I also kept TB drives for media.

With my SSD having lower capacity meant I had to keep my C drive efficient and uncluttered.

The standard for me was to change system environment variables to the cache drive, along with temp folders & download folders.  Changing default locations for Photos, Video, Music to the large drives.  All should be well.

However over time Windows & other applications always has a way of screwing it all up.  Drive Cleanup is weak and will do easy task and do them half ass.  My tools of choice for more in depth analysis are :

CCleanerfor removing temp files and browser files

WinDirStatGreat at visualizing what things take up the most space

TreeSize FreeSomethings that others can’t see, this program can


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