Routing OSX Folders

A while back I moved to a NAS storage for my Mac and Win. After a while it was a pain to sort out files and folders and the different things I was working on. I took some time out to move everything to the NAS I really hated because it was super slow. It was slow accessing things, so I mostly used it as an archive backup.

Over time the file management became too much as I use both Mac & PC equally depending on the task. My only choice was the NAS as cloud and dropbox wasn’t efficient.

On Windows it was easy moving folders to NAS and pointing it to the NAS folders.

On OSX it was a bit more involved here are my steps.

1. Establish connection to NAS by Connect to Server via smb or afp.

2. Copy or ditto over the folders to the new share

3. Once everything is copied and I verified its there, open up Terminal

$ sudo rm -rf /users/Pat/Downloads/
$ ln -s /Volumes/NAS/Pat/Downloads/ /users/Pat/Downloads
$ sudo rm -rf /users/Pat/Pictures/
$ ln -s /Volumes/NAS/Pat/Photos/ /users/Pat/Pictures
$ sudo rm -rf /users/Pat/Movies
$ ln -s /Volumes/NAS/Pat/Videos/ /users/Pat/Movies
$ sudo rm -rf /users/Pat/Music
$ ln -s /Volumes/NAS/Pat/Music/ /users/Pat/Music
$ sudo rm -rf /users/Pat/Documents
$ ln -s /Volumes/NAS/Pat/Documents/ /users/Pat/Documents

You may have to setup your Favorites again in Finder.


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