Offline Files

Offline files are good for having a working copy while away or disconnected.  It’s also faster at indexing and is used on network bottlenecks.

One time I made the mistake of using my entire 4TB RAID NAS drive for offline use.  Needless to say it was my OS SSD at 240GB.  Bad move once the drive filled up to 100%, bad things tend to happen. Luckily my cache/temp/swap files are on a 40GB SSD and documents/media are on the NAS, otherwise it could have been devastating with crashes.

I tried to reduce the size but Win 8.1 Pro wouldn’t allow it.  I disabled it, and asked to reboot.  It was disabled but my free space was still gone.  Explorer showed still full after F5 refresh, Disk Cleanup as usual didn’t help, CCleaner didn’t help much.

For cached indexed files look for


This can be large and should be moved to a larger drive using indexing options. In my case it wasn’t it. It was the offline file caches located at


I used TreeSize Free to find it. Problem was it was hidden and permissions were blocked.

To solve that you have to run cmd as administrator.

cd c:\windows
takeown /f csc /a /r /d y > NUL
icacls csc /grant Administrators:(F) /l /q /t

Delete or move the folders under c:\windows\csc.


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