Busy Finder

I have always hated Finder, I was used to Windows Explorer for so long. I also use other programs like WinDirStat and others when I need to get some heavy maintenance. But Explorer did the trick most of the time. With Finder it wasn’t the same, I find myself not using it much, I use Explorer for file stuff. But every now and then I have to use Finder, one day recently when I open it it showed busy and wouldn’t stop. Permission repair and reboots didn’t help. The activity wasn’t lagging and nothing in logs, it was a mystery as to what Finder was stuck on. Since I don’t use it much I didn’t worry about it, but after a few days I set out to fix the issue. If you have a finder that goes busy upon opening and difficult to close, try this:

Open up terminal and type in
rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist && killall -HUP Finder

This should reset the view, and finder should be accessible again.


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