Adding Social Media API

I remember using a website and having to make a login/password for it. Even if I was just checking it out short term, it was a hassle to signup and then unsubscribe to their email blast. I even skipped signing up if it was too much work or just annoying potentially losing business or interest.

With Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft LiveID, someone is sure to have at least one of these. The combined user base is well over a billion, so odds are great your site visitor has an account so why not use it for your site?

They use oAuth 2, I won’t get into the details of that but here are the steps for these popular sites.

Facebook :

1. Get a developer account
2. Add a new app and select website
3. Give it a name, enter in your website url, skip the quickstart and go to settings.
4. Get the appId &  App Secret you will need that for your site.

Twitter :

1. Login to Twitter, make sure email and phone # are verified and go to
2. Click on create new app
3. Give it a name, a description, and website url
4. Get the Consumer API Key & Secret to use on your site.

Google & Microsoft LiveID Coming Soon…


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